It’s one of the oldest jokes in IT: CIO doesn’t stand for chief information officer, it really stands for career is over. The story is that any IT leader being promoted to the top technology job reaches a glass ceiling. While the CIO might run IT, they’ll never become an accepted part of the top table or a chief executive. Hence, Career Is Over.

But does that tale ring true? In an age where modern business runs on technology, is the person responsible for running IT really a second-class executive? Is the person in-charge of IT really the CIO, or must line-of-business executives understand how technology is used on-demand to meet fast-changing requirements? In short, is the career is over gag really appropriate?

Such questions led us to re appropriate the gag and create a site called Career Is Over that debates the future of technology leadership across seven main areas:

  • Technology
  • Communication & Social Media
  • Politics, Philosophy and Economics
  • Next-Generation Leadership
  • Does Business Understand the CIO?
  • Who Really Leads IT?
  • Jobs
  • Outsourcing & Cloud Computing

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