Less than a quarter of CIOs feel data on mobile devices is secure

Just when you have finally come round to the potential benefits of consumerisation, you go and do something stupid and leave the door unlocked. Many CIOs have been slow to recognise the potential productivity benefits of mobile devices. And even when there has been recognition, many IT leaders have not prioritised security.

IT leaders certainly like to talk up the importance of security. Get a group of IT leaders together and they will all state the enterprise is going mobile. What is more, they will suggest that security remains the number one IT priority for the organisation. Dig beneath the rhetoric, however, and a different picture emerges.

Research by Vanson Bourne for data protection company Sophos reveals that less than a quarter of UK CIOs feel data on mobile devices would be secure if devices are lost or stolen. Three quarters of CIOs have already had to deal with lost or stolen corporate devices, with half of the respondents acknowledging that less than 10% of devices are ever recovered. In addition:

  • Just 46% of CIOs allow or encourage the use of personal mobile devices for work
  • Only 55% of IT leaders allowing personal mobiles in the work place have password policies in place
  • And 41% of organisations do not have a separate budget for mobile device security

It is one thing recognising, as many CIOs now do, that consumerisation represents an unstoppable force that must be embraced rather than tamed. But it is quite another managing the tide associated to consumerisation and putting in place the kind of sensible security measures that ensure enterprise data is safe.

What do you think? Do you believe consumerisation is an unstoppable force? How can CIOs establish the type of security best practice that means mobile working does not create problems for the business?

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