Medium-sized businesses beat small firms to cloud computing roll out

Who’s leading the way when it comes to the implementation of on-demand computing? Rather than big CIOs of blue-chip organisations, research suggests medium-sized businesses are leading the charge to the cloud.

Managed services provider Claranet says 60% of medium-sized firm use cloud services, compared with 44% of small-sized and 48% of enterprise-sized organisations.

The research polled 300 UK IT decision-makers and also found that 55% of respondents already use the cloud. Of this cohort, 27% were using cloud-based services in one form or another through 2011, while 28 per cent started using on-demand computing in 2010.

IT leaders, then, are beginning to push their departmental toes into cloud computing based-provision. While the move to the web might be too much of a step for CIOs charged with securing the data security of a disperate global business, the cloud looks to be a good fit for IT leaders at medium-sized firms, whose approach to compliance is not hamstrung by a wide geographical remit and a requirement to consider national borders.

This dominance of medium-sized firms is also some way away from preconceived notions that suggest small organisations are best placed to go on-demand. The theory suggests small firms, unencumbered by legacy software and hardware, will be able to more flexibly take advantages of the economies of scale offered through on-demand IT.

But what do you think? Is the cloud really the preserve of medium-sized firms, or are smaller and larger firms also taking a step towards on-demand purchasing?

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