CIOs need to get honest and brush up on their communication skills

When was the last time you were straightforward? Here’s a thought: too many CIOs are too closed about the potential of their technology projects.

IT often gets a bad rap in the business and, rather than risk being classed as a geek pushing another technology failure, CIOs can be guilty of covering up challenges and concerns.

The result? A lack of understanding, a plethora of three-letter acronyms and confusion across all lines-of-business. CIOs, then, need to brush up on their communication skills.

Enterprise IT might not be easy but it doesn’t have to be impenetrable. Speak in simple terms that the business can understand and always talk upfront about where technology can help, and where it is likely to hinder. The results, in the form of openness and engagement, will speak for themselves.

What do you think? Are to many CIOs hiding the potential of their projects by relying on technical vendor terms? How can IT leaders work to improve their communication skills?

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