A third of IT leaders believe the cloud will kill off the CIO by 2020

On-demand is changing enterprise IT provision but it’s going to be a slow evolution rather than a revolution and, in the majority of cases, the CIO will still be the executive in charge of technology.

That’s the conclusion from exclusive research by careerisover.com, which polled readers in regards to their opinions on the likely effect of cloud computing.

As much as 68% of the 25 readers responding to our survey believe the CIO’s career will not be over by 2020 as a result of the implementation of cloud-based technology.

That’s a significant proportion, yet is still leaves almost a third (32%) of respondents who believe the CIO’s career will be over by the end of the decade as on-demand technology begins to take hold.

The likely conclusion is that many respondents believe the business will be able to make its own flexible IT purchasing decisions. And, in such cases, who needs a CIO when an increasing amount of the workforce understands commoditised technology and are already responsible for buying their own consumer devices, many of which are now hooked into the enterprise network?

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