Are you ready for the consumer revolution?

So, there’s this CIO. Everything’s working well; corporate systems have been selected, devices have been agreed, data is secure. Nice.

Except there’s a rather large elephant in the room that no one, not even the CIO, has considered thoughtfully enough: consumerisation.

Even as elephants go, this specimen is extremely large and unwieldy. Yet it’s a beast that is quickly smashing pre-prepared systems strategies. The CIO, as such, needs to wake up.

Purchasing a few Apple devices for a select bunch of executives is no means to preparation. Your employees – that’s thousands of them, most probably – are buying their own devices and expecting your company to find a way to make it work.

Some organisations are going out of their way to lock down access, under the assumption that an errant individual will cause far too much trouble. The problem is that the firewall is no longer a watertight barrier: individuals can download information to USB sticks; lock that access point down and they can use online services, like Dropbox, to move information to the cloud.

There is, as such, no end. There are simply just going to be more and more individuals with more and more devices finding more and more ways to access the network. Good luck. You will need to do much more than operate in lock down. The consumer IT revolution has started.

So, what do you think? Are CIOs ready for the consumer revolution? Are individuals creating a new series of demands that existing corporate IT strategies are incapable of satisfying?

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